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Welcoming Children Back to School!

Posted on: 01/09/2020

Welcome Back!

Rev carolI always stop to look at those posters that are at the entrances to some schools and day nurseries that say ‘Welcome’ in a number of different languages.Welcome1

There’s something special about everyone being welcomed, and something even more special if you can see your own native language on display. I know that at Bishop Justus we pride ourselves on our diversity and what can offer each other from the different backgrounds and cultures we come from. As well as appreciating being welcomed ourselves, we want to make everyone who comes into our community welcome. 

A bit like when Jesus says: “Love your neighbour as yourself” – we want to offer the kind of welcome to others that we would like them to offer ourselves! We have a unique opportunity as we return, to make our school community even more friendly, safe and welcoming than ever! 

Everyone is welcome back into the community of Bishop Justus! So much has happened over previous months. We have missed seeing the people we care about, spending time in their company, and especially learning alongside each other (because none of us ever stop learning), we have faced new challenges and difficulties. 

As we come back to school let’s be mindful of the journey we have each been on – being a bit more open and welcoming to people we’ve never even spoken to before. Because we have truly been on this Covid19 journey together, even if we haven’t seen each other, and none of us knows exactly what the other has experienced. So, lets welcome each other with an extra special welcome – offering a friendly smile and expressing our school virtues. 

Our school prayer reminds us of the people we seek to be – maybe praying this adapted version will help: 

God of all, increase our FAITH. 

Help us to extend KINDNESS, 

show COURAGE, 

value WISDOM, 

be filled with HOPE: 

and above all LOVE as we are loved: 

as we welcome each other back into our school community. 






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