Welcome from the Key Stage Directors

The 6th Form community at our school is special. It provides a supportive learning environment based around high academic expectations and rigorous standards. It provides extensive opportunities outside the classroom and an understanding that you fully involve yourself in the wider life of the school community. Ultimately, our 6th Form will provide you with the advice, guidance, qualifications and skills that you will need as you move towards your adult life. 

Your 6th Form years are as exciting as they are important. They mark the end of your formal schooling, but provide key foundations for your future career. The decisions you make over courses are therefore vital and we are sure that the information provided in this prospectus and our course directory will allow you to make informed choices. 

In the 6th Form, you are viewed by staff as aspirant young professionals and are expected to handle a range of new responsibilities and freedoms. Your studies require you to be independent, motivated and self-disciplined. Bishop Justus 6th Form will foster these qualities inside and outside the classroom. You will also be expected to take the lead and perform important roles in the wider school and the local community. There will be many challenges to relish and by rising to overcome any obstacles, you will learn a lot about yourself. 

Bishop Justus School has much to offer in terms of its facilities, resources and staff but you, the students, make the school what it is. As 6th Formers, the most senior students in the school, you will be expected to set the highest standards and take this school to new levels of success and we will be privileged to support you in this. 

Mr Kerim Ramadan - Deputy Head

Mr Tom James - KS5 Director

Ms Deborah Jennings – Learning Director – KS5


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