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Concern Not Worry!

Posted on: 17/03/2020

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Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow they don’t have to work to look so beautiful, and the birds, they don’t have to store up their food in barns because God, our heavenly Father, feeds them. 

This is from the Gospel of Matthew chapter 6 where Jesus reminds us to look at how beautiful nature is, and how this can encourage us and help us not to worry. He says by simply worrying we can’t change anything. Concern on the other hand is very different. 

When we are worried we are full of negative and anxious thoughts that are disabling – whereas, concern can use positive doubts or queries to lead to helpful action. 

In such uncertain times as we find ourselves in at present we can easily, and understandably, slip into worry. But, there is a way to turn our worry into concern, to turn our disablement into positive action. Further on in the same Bible passage Jesus says: ‘God knows what you need just seek first the kingdom of God above all else.’ 

In the midst of these difficult times we can continue to pray, meditate, have faith and let our concern spur us to kindness and action that brings hope and renewal of care and support one for another. 


School Prayer for this Time. 

Lord Jesus Christ, 

by your suffering you redeemed the world. 

Redeem us now from the global spread of the coronavirus. 

Shine your light of peace and love at this time of uncertainty, 

and come to our aid in the midst of our fears. 

As we entrust ourselves and all people into your loving care, 

we pray for comfort, healing, protection and hope. 

Lord, in your mercy - hear our prayer. 


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