Present and Past Use

Please click here for present and past Pupil Premium Strategy Statements:

Bishop Justus Pupil Premium Strategy Update - July 2022

Bishop Justus Pupil Premium statement 2021-22

Bishop Justus PP strategy statement 2020-21

Bishop Justus PP Strategy Statement 2019-20 with Review

Bishop Justus PP Strategy Statement 2019-20

Bishop Justus PP Strategy Statement 2018-19 with Review

Bishop Justus PP Strategy Statement 2017-18

Below are examples of the ways Bishop Justus has used its Pupil Premium funding in the past:

Targeted attendance support

Each Year Coordinator identifies the students in their year who have less than average attendance. One-to-one meetings with a Coordinator rather than Learning Director, provides the opportunity for the Coordinator to foster a coaching relationship with each student. Subtle support and guidance is provided.

WPA Education Welfare Services

WPA’s experienced and highly trained staff support Bishop Justus to further improve overall attendance and subsequent outcomes for students. WPA utilises its strong partnerships with all key stakeholders, including staff, students and families with the aim to further increase the life chances of our young people.

One-to-one Tuition

Suitable students, particularly in year 11, receive one-to-one tuition in selected GCSE subjects. Extra support is required by some students that cannot be accessed through home in order to support securing intended future pathways Post 16.

Subject Funding

There is a small fund set-aside specifically for subject leaders to access where key areas of impact are highlighted, where students in receipt of Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) may not have access to the required resources.

Homework Club

To ensure students are able to access IT systems, printing and even have a little bit of help with their homework, the school offers a staffed room of computers daily to students who may wish to complete homework onsite. Teachers and Teaching Assistants are present at every homework club.

Alternative Provision

On rare occasions the school may consider alternative off-site educational provision for specifically selected students, for example through our Gateway and Pathway centres.

Printing Provision

Students in receipt of PPG are provided with top-up printer credits to be used within school. This allows students to print off homework’s and resources required to excel in their studies.

Staff Training

Staff are regularly updated on school progress, strategies running, future projects and areas to think about with regards to Pupil Premium.

Careers Guidance

Students in receipt of PPG also receive specialist careers guidance during their time here but especially in Year 11 and Sixth Form. 


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