Year 12 Work Experience

Year 12 Work Experience

Work experience provides:

  • Insight into different industry sectors and careers.
  • Opportunity to use and apply their skills and knowledge in a professional environment.
  • Aids the development of ‘employability skills/soft skills’ –such as communication, working with others and problem solving.
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem by showing you what you can achieve outside school.
  • Opportunity to network, make contacts, enhance your CV with skills and a reference for your UCAS application.

What you need to know

  • Work experience takes place 6th – 17th July 2020
  • Every placement will need to have completed the WEX Placement form (see links).
  • The deadline for finding placements is 2nd March 2020.

Top tips:

  • Start early to get the best placements, many schools are out at the same time so it can get competitive looking for placements.
  • Research options, select a potential employer and approach them directly. A large number of companies offer work experience.
  • Use your contacts! Ask family/friends/neighbours/teachers/careers adviser if they have any ideas.
  • Look at university courses and see which ones require work experience/shadowing e.g. Medicine, Dentistry, Teaching, Nursing, Veterinary
  • Talk to year 13 – see if there are any placements they would recommend
  • Use the Internet as much as possible to find them! Try:
  1. Student Ladder:
  2. Groundwork:
  3. Target Careers:
  4. Movement to Work:
  • Before you accept an offer research the employer, check distance to travel, travel times, eating places, etc.

When applying…

  • Find out the name of the contact person for WEX or HR Manager
  • Contact them by email/letter/ phone
  • Follow up if no response – it shows you are keen and enthusiastic
  • Make sure you have a CV available
  • Have a formal covering letter or email explaining who you are and why you want to work at that company

Advice and support in school

  • Talk to Mrs Chamberlain if you need support on careers advice.
  • If you are interested in any of the placements from last year let her know and she can put you in touch with them.

What do employers expect from students?

  • Be ready to work, work safely and within company rules.
  • Good time keeping – be punctual.
  • Follow instructions and ask if you are unsure of anything.
  • Ask questions, it shows you are interested!
  • Discuss any concerns as they arise with your supervisor or with Mrs Chamberlain.

What we expect from our students:

  • Remember that you are an ambassador for Bishop Justus School, out in the local community where people know who you are and who we are.

  • Be smartly dressed, punctual, polite and well behaved.

  • Work hard and make an effort to contribute, asking questions where you need to – you are there to learn and to experience!

  • All students will be issued with a log book to record your work experience. Complete it by Friday 17th July and hand it in to your employer to check, sign and bring it back to school.

  • The following week, write a thank you email or letter to your employer.

Year 12 Work Experience 2020 Booklet

Work Experience letter to parents/carers.

Work Placement Information Form (documentation for employer to complete)

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