Admission Arrangements for Year 7 Entry

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Should your church be without an incumbent (Vicar, Priest, Pastor) please ask the church warden, who needs to have known your child for 2 years or more, to complete our application forms. Both church administrators and Area Deans are also able to do this, again, having known your child for 2 years or more.


Responses to the Consultation Held in Relation to School Admissions 2021/22

Responses to the Consultation

Admissions Arrangements 2021/22

As admission authority, the Aquinas Trust Board has considered the objections/questions raised during the consultation period, together with the academies’ responses and the views of the RDBE prior to making its final determination on the admission arrangements for 2021/22 for Bishop Justus CE School, St John’s CE Primary School, St Mark’s CE Primary School, St Nicholas CE Primary School and Trinity CE Primary School.

Having discussed these concerns fully, the Trust Board has approved all the proposed amendments to the admission arrangements for 2021/22 as it felt the changes proposed would not affect the strong Christian ethos, vision and values already embedded at each academy.


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Admission Arrangements for Year 12 (6th Form) Entry

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