6th Form Dress Code Agreement

The 6th Form dress code has been agreed following extensive consultation with 6th Form students. The dress code ensures student appearance is appropriate for school and formal business environments. The students in the 6th Form at Bishop Justus lead activities for younger students and are role models and, as such, adherence to the dress code is important and expected. All students will look smart and wear a formal suit in black, navy blue or dark grey.

By enrolling as a member of the 6th Form at Bishop Justus, you have agreed to follow this dress code at all times in a consistent manner. If at any point you feel you have a justifiable reason, whether financial, medical or personal, for being unable to follow the dress code, you must speak with your Head of Year who may be able to offer support.

Formal Suit

  • Jacket and trousers in the same colour and made from the same suiting material
  • Jacket and knee length skirt in the same colour and made from the same suiting material
  • Jacket and formal suit dress where the dress is made from the same suiting material as the jacket and the main colour is the same as the jacket.

Shirts and Blouses

  • Formal shirt worn with a tie
  • Formal shirt style blouse
  • Formal top made from blouse material.

Knitwear and Waistcoats

Additional clothing is only permitted when worn under the jacket and must be the same colour as the jacket (although the shade may vary slightly)

  • Plain round neck jumper or cardigan
  • Plain V-neck jumper or cardigan
  • Matching suit waistcoat.


  • Smart leather or leather type shoes
  • Dark socks under trousers
  • Plain black or natural coloured tights under skirts and dresses.

Identification Badges

The cashless card is also an identification badge and should be worn visibly on the lapel, the pocket or on a lanyard.


  • Stud earrings and single items of simple, discreet jewellery

  • Lightweight formal scarves

  • Smart formal belts made from leather or leather type fabric with discreet buckles

  • Bags which will hold an A4 folder.

Unacceptable items

The Directors of 6th Form and Head of 6th Form make the final decision regarding all dress code items and students may not have any item that is deemed by them as inappropriate in a school or formal business environment. This would include:

  • See-through material
  • Tops which are low cut
  • Tops which do not cover shoulders fully
  • Tops which do not cover waistbands
  • Figure hugging clothing
  • Hooded tops,
  • Clothing designed for beach, party, sports or leisure wear
  • T–shirts, sweatshirts
  • Denim or leather clothing
  • Trousers above the ankle
  • Trousers made in a jeans or fashion style
  • Harem or skinny-fit trousers
  • Dungarees leggings or tracksuits
  • Visible logos
  • Visible underwear
  • Trainers, boots, casual shoes, flip-flops, suede shoes, deck shoes, open toed shoes
  • Expensive or obtrusive jewellery
  • Facial piercings such as nose studs, eye brow studs, ear spacers
  • Visible body art such as tattoos
  • Outlandish hair styles or colour, shaved heads
  • Headphones may not worn around the neck or ears unless silently studying during study periods.

Students can be expected to be asked to leave school site should any of the above be in evidence and to return to school correctly attired to continue with learning.

Outdoor Clothing

Outdoor clothing should include a smart dark coloured coat which has no noticeable logo. Students may also wear plain hats, scarves and gloves. They may carry umbrellas and sports bags. However, all these items are distinctly outdoor wear and must be placed in a locker upon arrival in school and should not be worn or carried around school.

By submitting the form below you hereby agree to the terms set out in this agreement.

6th Form Dress Code

6th Form Dress Code
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