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£1 Challenge Fundraising Superstars!

A massive well done and congratulations to Beatrice Lilley (7C) and Libby Whyte (7N) who, at the weekend held a cake and book sale as part of the Year 7 £1 Challenge. They put a lot of thought and effort into making flyers and posting them through doors, baking and decorating cakes and explaining their sale to passers-by. The girls managed to raise an amazing £180, which will be going to support our partner school in Kondoa, Tanzania. 

Well done Beatrice and Libby! 

bake sale

We were thrilled to receive a building update from Bishop Justus School in Chemba recently. The photographs below show the progress of the building works so far. As you can see the three buildings are now up and the roofs should be ready to go on soon! Last year, we managed to raise an amazing £3000 to be donated to the building project and are proud to see the difference we are helping to make to the people of Chemba. Our students will be visiting in July and we are hopeful they will return with new photographs showing us even more progress. We continue to fundraise and look forward to being able to offer the students of Bishop Justus Bromley to not just visit but to teach at Bishop Justus Chemba!

Chemba 1

Two classrooms

 Chemba 2   

Two dormitories

Chemba 3

Dining room

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