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Berlin Trip 2017


During the Easter holiday 31 intrepid 6th formers set off for a four day visit to Berlin to support their A level History studies of Germany 1918-89. We enjoyed this extraordinary city of contrasts and tensions - looking at the Holocaust memorial right in the heart of the tourist area, and pondering whether it was 'working' if people were taking selfies and jumping from block to block; following the path of the Berlin Wall and considering the risks, planning and desperation involved in trying to cross it and get to the west; enjoying a few hours in the sophisticated suburb of Potsdam, where the Kings of Prussia aimed to display their power to all, and yet (therefore) where Hitler also chose to emphasise his different sort of strength in 1933. For many students the visit to Sachenhausen, a concentration camp just to the north of Berlin, was a sombre highlight, as the starkness of the place only serves to emphasise the horrors that were endured there.


The students were a pleasure to be with and were a credit to their families and the school - they were the most reliable and conscientious group we have yet taken on this trip, even if also the students with the least physical stamina! Thanks to them and to Mr Hinks, Miss Eames and Mr O'Donovan who gave up their time to accompany the trip.


Miss Arscott




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