6th Form Agreement

The expectations below constitute your agreement with the school.

Under this agreement Bishop Justus Church of England School will endeavour to:

  • Provide a suitable curriculum and give initial and continuing guidance and support to meet your academic needs and match your career aspirations.
  • Provide appropriate teaching that caters for students with different ability levels.
  • Have regular guidance and tutoring to help monitor your progress, assist in setting targets for improvement in your learning and to support you in identifying and working towards career goals.
  • Communicate to you and your parents/carers directly should there be any specific reasons for praising your efforts or if there is any cause for concern.
  • Ensure that all facilities and resources for study are appropriate and allow the development of excellent learning skills.
  • Provide a range of student leadership opportunities such as House Captain, Literacy / Numeracy Captain, Year Captain, Science Captain and various other positions.
  • Provide regular reports and assessments of progress.
  • Monitor attendance, punctuality, effort and attitude for all students throughout their time in the 6th Form.
  • Write supportive references for employment or applications to Further or Higher Education institutions.
  • Maintain a genuine concern for the welfare and development of all students. All teaching and student support staff are available for consultation and the help of outside agencies can be sought where necessary.
  • Provide opportunities for enrichment, extra-curricular and sports activities to meet the needs of the individual.

Student expectations

In enrolling as a member of Bishop Justus Church of England School 6th Form, you undertake:

  • To understand and respect the Christian ethos of the school.
  • To attend morning registration, all lessons, study periods, assemblies and any other scheduled occasions, such as mentoring appointments. Any student whose attendance falls below 95% in a specific course, or overall, may be prevented from entering public examinations.
  • To never miss a lesson, independent study period or enrichment activity without gaining clearance from the appropriate member of staff well in advance.
  • To explain all absences in writing or by telephone call from parents/carers, and to provide up to date details for home contact.
  • To attend school punctually at 8:30am Monday to Friday. Repeated or frequent lateness is unacceptable and will lead to sanctions being imposed.
  • To follow the academic curriculum agreed with you and not to make any alterations to this without full discussion with your tutor, Head of Year and the permission of the Assistant Head responsible for 6th Form.
  • To attend the two Parental Consultation evenings, ideally with parents/carers.
  • To meet deadlines for work.
  • To acknowledge sources properly when completing work and to submit work that is your own intellectual effort (i.e. no plagiarism allowed).
  • To use specific study periods in a constructive and sensible manner, in order to pursue academic work or an activity sanctioned by the school.
  • To undertake no more than twelve hours per week paid employment and never during school hours.
  • To behave appropriately, in a self-disciplined and considerate way at all times, in school and beyond. To be courteous and respectful to all staff and all other members of the school community at all times. They have a right to this consideration, as you do.
  • To work with teachers to achieve your academic potential. · To accept and comply with the 6th Form dress code (please see Dress Code for specific details).
  • To represent the school when required.
  • To take responsibility for the 6th Form areas. Failure to behave in an appropriate manner in these areas will lead to specific 6th Form privileges being taken away.
  • The 6th Form team expects all 6th Form students to make a strong, positive and lasting impact on the school community.


There is a graduated system for dealing with those who do not comply with our expectations:

Stage 1 Subject specific concerns

These will be monitored within subject areas – the relevant teacher will liaise with the student and parents/carers.

Stage 2 Tutor report (for continued subject concerns and / or general concerns e.g. punctuality)

These will be monitored by the relevant form tutor who will liaise with the student and parents/carers.

Stage 3 KS Director Contract

A meeting will take place between the student, KS5 Director and Year Coordinator. Parents will be informed and the student will sign a contract to be reviewed within two to three weeks.

Stage 4 AHT Contract

A meeting will take place between the student, their parents or carers and the Assistant Head responsible for 6th Form. The student will sign a contract which will be reviewed within two to three weeks.

Stage 5 AHT Contract – Final Warning

A meeting will take place between the student, their parents or carers and the Assistant Head responsible for 6th Form. The student will sign a contract which will be reviewed within six

weeks. In certain individual cases, it may be necessary to put students on a pastoral support programme. This will be a longer programme of support designed to provide very specific goals for the student.

Stage 6 Loss of 6th Form place

In the case of very serious breaches of the agreement, intermediate stages may be passed over.

By submitting the form below, you hereby agree to the terms set out in this agreement.

6th Form Agreement

6th Form Agreement
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