Current Y12 Transition to Y13 Bridging Work (Summer 2021)

Art, Graphics & Photography

Year 12 Bridging Project


Maths for Biology booklet

Business Studies

A Level Bridging WorkBTEC Bridging Work


Students who are resitting need to be reviewing the Year 12 content.

For students not resitting their PPE - research the following topic, creating a presentation for September:

What is nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)?

Your presentation should include:

  • Information on what NMR is (at a sub-atomic level); specifically describing what resonance is.
  • Information on the history/development of NMR.
  • What tetramethylsilane is and its use in chemical shift.
  • The uses of NMR, including C-13 NMR and proton NMR.
  • Why there is splitting in the peaks of proton NMR.


Year 12 - 13 Summer Bridging Task

DT Product Design & Textiles

Continue working on the first section of your personal investigations (60% of the final A Level grade).

Yr12 to 13 bridging work

English Literature

Summer bridging work for year 12 which focuses on coursework preparation ahead of year 13.

Frankenstein Coursework Booklet 21 - 22


Complete Margate trip research tasks for your NEA over the summer - this will require you to complete the attached proposal form before September.

NEA Proposal Form

Health & Social Care

Single H&S students.

Research and present on the following question:

What are the pressures on the Health and Social Care systems as Coronavirus restrictions come to an end in England?

  • Research time: 3 hours
  • Presentation writing time: 1 hour
  • Presentation length: 10 minutes – first week back in September

Double H&S students.

Research one health campaign that interests you in preparation for unit 8 coursework.

  1. What is the campaign?
  2. What demographic is it aiming for?
  3. What are the outcomes of this health campaign?

To be presented first week back


1. For the coursework topic you have chosen, make detailed bullet point notes on the following, covering (a) what happened (b) which interpretations of the debate this event could support, and how/why

For First World War:-

  • Schlieffen Plan
  • Bosnian Crisis
  • War Council
  • blank cheque
  • September Programme

For Civil Rights:-

  • Montgomery
  • Little Rock
  • Birmingham
  • March on Washington
  • Selma

2. For each examined unit (Germany, Italy, Tudors) from the course so far, make a timeline of 15 key events. For each event, explain why it is important.

Expect to submit all of this work on the first day back in September


Spanish - Complete your Spanish speaking presentation and research work to prepare for speaking tasks in Y13.

French – Complete the pack of activities from Ms Hayet on a topic (Musique) and grammar tasks.


A-Level Maths chapter Videos

Chapter 4_ Binomial Expansion (P2)

Chapter 9a_ Differentiation, The Rules (P2)

Chapter 9b_ Differentiation, Applications (P2)

Chapter 12_ Vectors (P2)

  1. Above you will find the pdf copy of A level chapter video links ready for year 13 study - remember you just click on a chapter section.
  2. You must only focus on Differentiation chapter 9a and chapter 9b;
  3. Chapter 4 Binomial expansion; and
  4. Chapter 12 Vectors.
  5. Please feel free to peruse the rest if you have time left during the summer break.
  6. Also attached you will find the chapter work booklets you MUST complete as best as you can - our first week back from the summer break will focus on marking these.

Media & Film Studies

During the summer holiday, complete your first filming shoot in preparation for editing in September.


Summer 2021 12-13 Music Bridging work

Knowledge Organiser Template

Knowledge Organiser AoS 1 Bach Mvts 1, 2 and 8


Yr 12 BTEC Bridging Work – Summer 2021

Task 1 – Complete coursework 

Task 2 – Revise for Unit 1 and Unit 2 resits 

Task 3 – Create a presentation of three different Sports within the Olympic Games. Including:  

  • History of the Sport  
  • The World Record 
  • GB athletes that are involved  
  • Effects of Sports Psychology on an athletes performance.  

Task 4 – Read a Sporting Biography and create a powerpoint presentation about the biography – this will be presented to the class when we return in September.  


Those resitting their recent physics PPE will be reviewing the year 12 content in preparation for their exam at the start of September.

The rest will complete the following tasks:

  • Jim Al Khalili documentary to watch and report back on (e.g. timeline)
  • Pre-selected Challenge Questions (as set in class)


Choose a topic we have studied this year and undertake research on it, using a combination of news sources and published research. Use this to develop a presentation lasting 5-10 minutes.


Please complete the pack of worksheets from Miss Eames by your return in September.

Religious Studies

Create flashcards/revision resources for every topic covered in Year 12 (30 topics-use the PLC to help you).

Research the following scholars in these areas:

  • John Finnis & Bernard Hoose - Natural Law
  • St Augustine & John Calvin - Determinism and Free Will

Year 12-13 summer bridging work for RS (Theme 1: Ethical Thought)

Read the following text book pages and as you do so, make notes and put the key terms on flash cards.

  • 6-21 about meta-ethical approaches – Naturalism
  • 28-40 about meta-ethical approaches – Intuitionism

Regarding naturalism, please come to our first lesson prepared to discuss the statement: ‘naturalism and moral realism are the most logical and useful forms of ethical thought.’ Whatever your own point of view about this statement, you will need to be able to support it with evidence from your reading and also some real life scenarios which you have thought about.


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