Welcome New Year 7 Students 2021

Congratulations on securing a place at Bishop Justus Church of England School. Here you can find our Key Stage 3 Offer and some additional information from the borough. 

Revised start date for new Year 7 Students- Wednesday 1st September at 08:30



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Dear Bishop Justus Parent,

We are really looking forward to working with you whilst your child is studying at Bishop Justus. We will ensure that transition into secondary school is as smooth as possible. Due to the current Government restrictions, we will be doing as much as we can to support the transition. Where possible we will do the following: visit primary schools to meet students and class teachers, invite students in for a morning if they are the only students attending from their primary schools, arrange an evening to meet their form group and students attend a taster day in July.  We also run the Aquinas Summer Project for a week in August. I am sure that your child is excited by the new opportunities that they are about to embark on and ready for the new challenges ahead of them. Staff here at Bishop Justus are ready to support and develop your child through faith, love and learning.

Ms Hill - Year 7 Learning Director

Learning Director For KS3


The Key Stage 3 Offer

A Welcome Message from our Head Students

Welcome to Bishop Justus Church of England School.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Bishop Justus at the beginning of the next academic year. The transition from primary school to secondary school may seem like a massive step, but it represents the beginning of an exciting new chapter for all students. The start of this new chapter promises many enjoyable and successful school years ahead with multiple opportunities for you all to learn and grow. Throughout your school journey you will be given many opportunities to allow you to meet new people and be able to develop your confidence throughout the years. We understand that it is a huge transition from primary school, but we are here to guide you and make you feel welcomed in our school.

In our school, we work hard to ensure our community is happy and welcoming. When you join you will be taught our school virtues: faith, hope, love, wisdom, kindness and courage. Every pupil is expected to display these virtues to assure our positive community continues. As students we are encouraged to come out of our shells and be very proud of the success we achieve. All achievements are seen as important no matter how big or small, so we encourage all students to be proud of what they accomplish. At Bishop Justus, we are committed to excellence and support each other to achieve this through independent learning and using our outstanding range of wider learning opportunities.

As the two head students, we believe everyone has something special to contribute and should strive for amazing academic achievements while also taking opportunities to develop skills outside of the classroom that will help you later in life. School life at Bishop Justus is engaging, exciting and rewarding. Your experience here will set you up to go on to achieve your goals while creating great memories.

The school look forward to you joining us in the Autumn Term. 

(Head Students Caitlin Corrigan and Tamara Wright)

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Chaplaincy and worship at Bishop Justus


Bishop Justus is a Church of England School and we not only think of our community as being part of the Church family, but also we are a worshipping school family. The spiritual well-being of students is important to us as part of the school’s commitment to whole person care and education.

It is very important to us that our school day begins with worship. This happens in individual tutor groups and once a week, each year group meets for collective worship in the school hall. Each day's worship has a Bible reading, a topic to discuss and a prayer, led by tutors, senior members of staff and students. This is a real opportunity for students to discuss various issues as well as the big questions in life. Once a week the morning worship gives space for silent reflection. We also have regular Eucharist services, where students are welcome to receive Holy Communion, or a blessing from one of our visiting local vicars. Our school is in the parish of Holy Trinity Church, Bromley Common, and early in the Autumn term, all year 7 students will visit the church for a special welcome service. We also have a Year 7 carol service in the church towards the end of the Advent Term.

We are blessed to have our very own school chapel. Located on the first floor overlooking the school entrance, this is a very special space where students are welcome to spend Lee Kingsquiet time praying or being still, join in a lunchtime club and of course worship.  Our Director of Chaplaincy, Mr Kings, is available to meet with and support students through life’s most difficult challenges. Through the Chaplaincy at Bishop Justus we are also proud to raise funds for various charities, in our local community, nationally and overseas. Our work in the chaplaincy is centred around our six school virtues: faith, hope, love, wisdom, courage and kindness, all helping us to live out our school motto: Success through faith, love and learning.

Life at Bishop Justus

Aquinas Summer Project

All students who have secured a place at Bishop Justus are invited to attend our Aquinas Summer Project where they can get acquainted with some of the staff and the school building. Students take part in a range of fun activities and it is a great opportunity to make friends before you attend the school officially. Dates for the 2021 Aquinas Summer School will be confirmed soon. 

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St. Justus DayJustus Day 1

St. Justus Day, 10th November, is a day of celebration at Bishop Justus. All students gather together to celebrate the achievements of their peers and watch a ceremony of music, speeches and prize giving. 




Freshers Fair

Garden clubThe Bishop Justus Freshers’ Fair is an annual fixture in our calendar for our neBook clubw year 7 students to have a close look at all the clubs and societies that are on offer here. We are proud of the great range that we offer, from Cooking Club and Textiles to Writers’ Workshop and Debating; from Music Tech and Italian Clubs to Garden Club and Young Entrepreneurs, plus the huge range of bands and choirs and sport clubs, Football, Cricket, Netball, Rugby… the list goes on and on. Our colleagues and senior students look forward to sharing their co-curricular passions with year 7, who in time will themselves take on leadership roles in our clubs and societies, preparing them to contribute at university, and to clubs in the wider community. Our commitment to our co-curricular programme at Bishop Justus is a sign that we see it as a crucial part of a full and rounded education.


From our current Year 7 Students

"There is a wide range of extra-curricular activities which could appeal to everybody’s liking. I attend football and Music Tech. I am in the school football team and I feel proud of myself. Even though we may be at different levels in sport, everyone is included."

"The teaching is very good here. I was in a lower set but the teachers helped me and I am now in a higher set. I am quite proud of myself."

"PE is very good because we learn a lot about sport and exercise. When you cannot do something, the teachers encourage you to try and try."

"I really like the SEN room because the staff are really nice and really good at their job."

"The virtues are so good because they set an example of how we should act here."

"I have settled in well. The teachers are good and have helped me."

"In class, teachers will always help if you get stuck."

Missed out on a place?

Advice and Guidance on the Offer Process

Please click the link below for Advice and Guidance paperwork sent from the borough regarding the offer process, including waiting lists. 

Admissions Advice and Guidance


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