Labour Market Updates

November 2018

Labour Market Update November 2018

  1. Flybe want to encourage more women to become pilots. The industry, needs 637,000 new pilots by 2035. A programme named 'FlyShe' has been launched to attract more women. It consists of a series of new initiatives to create opportunities for women. They are also visiting schools and providing educational training materials aimed at girls.
  2. Access to Cambridge University may now be possible for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Students who have shown potential but with barriers will be invited to join a three-week bridging scheme or attend a foundation year to help them meet the required entry standard for Cambridge.
  3. Over the 12 months the sectors in London that added the most jobs were Arts and entertainment, Information and communication and Accommodation and food services. The sectors in London that saw the greatest job losses were Wholesale and Retail, Transport and Storage and Construction.

Education Development Trust LMI Bulletin London November 2018



October 2018

Labour Market Update October 2018

  1. We need more linguists. According to the Confederation of British Industries (CBI) and Pearson, around two thirds of businesses feel that foreign language skills are important for client relations.
  2. The number of unconditional offers of university places has risen from 2,985 in 2013 to 67,915 in 2018. This equates to 7.1% of university offers. Unconditional offers do not specify additional academic requirements that the student needs to gain prior to entry.
  3. Government statistics reveal a rise in the number of pupils with special educational needs and disabilities.
  4. There are around 600,000 digital technology vacancies in the UK.
  5. The first three T Levels in Construction, Digital, and Education and Childcare will be delivered from September 2020. T Levels are courses, which will be on a par with A’ levels and will provide young people with a choice between technical and academic education post 16.

Education Development Trust LMI Bulletin London October 2018



September 2018

Labour Market Update September 2018

  1. 75% of UK employees will be working beyond the age of 65 and those currently aged 35 - 44 are likely to work beyond their 75th birthday.
  2. Universities are 'increasingly open' to enrolling those with vocational qualifications rather than A levels on to their courses. According to UCAS, over 100,000 BTEC students were awarded a university place in 2017.
  3. The creative sector grew by nearly 20 per cent to 1.9 million in the five years to June 2016 and 1 million new jobs are expected to be created by 2030.
  4. 500 jobs are to be created across the UK in the automotive sector due to foreign direct investment.
  5. Major funding has been announced by the government to help meet the construction shortage. The funding will support onsite training hubs, work experience placements and entry pathways.

Education Development Trust LMI Bulletin London September 2018


August 2018

Labour Market Update August 2018

1. Amazon are recruiting for software developers, engineers, entry-level positions and on-the-job training.

2. Heard the Funding Circle adverts on the radio? Funding Circle is a lending service for small businesses. They are recruiting as a result of their expansion in London.

3. Year 9 Tutors - Do you have budding entrepreneurs in your tutor groups? Why not get them to join the Young Enterprise Scheme? They will get £10 to start a business with support from a volunteer business leader and a free Masterclass.

4. As you teach students interested in business and finance, let them know that employers are looking for skill in customer service, teamwork, sales, budgeting, accounting and project management.

5. T Levels have started. They are courses on a par with A’ levels and provide young people with a choice between technical and academic education at post 16.

6. Comforting news? London is more highly qualified than the rest of the UK and Europe. There were 5.9 million jobs in London in June this year

7. Stereotyping - gender is no longer determining which roles people apply for.

8. Drones will have a positive effect in many sectors including construction, defence, energy and logistics.

9. The UK ranks 12th for graduates in employment compared to some other European countries.

10. 520,000 young people aged 16-24 were unemployed in February-April 2018.

Education Development Trust LMI Bulletin London August 2018


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