Student Code of Conduct

Courtesy, Wisdom, Community

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At Bishop Justus we know that it is important to educate the whole child, rigorous academic skills and a strong work ethic need to go hand in hand with compassion and empathy in the character of a Bishop Justus student.

We believe that our students should hold themselves to a high standard of conduct. Our Code of Conduct has three key principals which are; Courtesy, Wisdom and Community the explanations of each is summarised below.

Aspect What does it mean? How do you know you are doing it?
Courtesy Being kind, respectful and showing people you care.
  • You show people they matter.
  • You show people the best of yourself at all times
Wisdom Thinking things through and making wise choices
  • You make good choices in your day to day school life
  • You make good choices for your future.
Community Being a positive part of the school community
  • You make a positive contribution to the school community.
  • You cooperate with those in the community.


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