Free School Meals

Free School MealsYou will have heard in the news much discussion about pupil premium and the new government policies for education. What you need to know is that registration for free school meals is an important part of this. The number of students registered will affect school funding and in the future may affect the support your child may need to stay in the sixth form or go on to university.

From next year, an important part of the funding the school gets will be based on the number of our students entitled to free school meals. We know that many students entitled to free school meals do not claim them. Some do not want to eat a hot meal, or go to the dining hall, but others do not feel they can accept this support. This is of course everyone’s individual choice.

However, from April next year, the school will only get the additional funding entitlement we and the students are entitled to (‘pupil premium’) if students who are able to register for free school meals actually get registered, and stay registered. We would urge you to register, whether or not your child wishes to eat a school meal regularly and assure you that the list is entirely confidential. It is really important to us and to the school, in these difficult financial times, that you register for free school meals if you are entitled to them.

To apply for free school meals, parents must have one or more children aged four and over attending a local authority maintained school in Bromley; and be receiving child benefit for the child/children and one or more of the following:

  • If your income is less than £16,190 per year
  • If you receive income support
  • If your receive income based jobseekers’ allowance
  • If you receive child tax credit (providing the family’s income does not exceed £16,190)
  • If you receive the guaranteed element of state pension credit
  • If you receive support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act

Once again, if you think you are eligible, whether you want the free school meal or not, we ask you please to check you are registered as soon as possible.

We have made it easy for you; the application form is accessible by clicking here  and the address of where to return this form is detailed on the last page (we can send it off for you if you prefer).  More information can be found on the London Borough of Bromley website. If you need any help or assistance in completing the form, just call or email Mrs. Carter in the School Office.

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