Parent Conference

We welcomed a host of parents to our inaugural Stretch & Challenge Parent Conference. Items on the agenda included how to develop reading at home, independent revision techniques, learning beyond the classroom, and what opportunities there are beyond A-level.

Parent Conference Pic cropped

Parents and teachers shared ideas throughout the evening, and we finished with a vibrant Q&A session showing just how much passion there is for the topics addressed. The feedback kindly provided by all those who attended showed that this evening was well-received, and Bishop Justus teachers and parents will doubtless continue with this event in 2018-19. We take pleasure in attaching the presentation as requested, and it can be found here for the next two weeks.

Most Able Pathway Seminar

Our Most Able Pathway Seminar was a great success this year – inviting all of our most academically able students from across the school to a morning session where we explored how our actions now can create opportunities in the future. We talked about target grades and expectations, how similar students fare nationally and what universities they go to, what the top universities can offer and what the learning experience is like. Crucially, we identified some key study habits which should help us to have the choice to get there. The students really enjoyed the session, and this will be an annual fixture in our calendar.

Map seminar

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