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Thinking Groups: The Challenge

Yesterday morning, our year 8 Thinking Groups gave their Challenge presentations to a select audience of peers and judges. The standard of thinking, research, analysis and oracy on display was extremely impressive; all of the students involved will be rightly proud of the skill and hard work they showed.

Mr Murphy, Miss Arscott and Mr Harriss were entertained and invigorated by presentations which ranged from “In order to be a successful leader, is it better to be loved or feared?”, “In a perfect world, would we need privacy?”, and “Who, if anyone, should not be able to vote?”. The questions were all taken directly from the Oxford and Cambridge interview process, and our year 8s showed that with the right approach, they were every bit capable of tackling such intimidating questions! And they looked very assured in doing so.

With the year 7s there to pick up tips for their own presentations, and with the inaugural Bishop Justus Lecture Evening due to follow on Wednesday 2nd May, led by the students, we are rightly optimistic about our students’ ability to achieve the very best that academia has to offer.

Mr S Harriss

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