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Kent Netball Emerging Schools Competition

On Thursday 20th April the Yr 7 and 8 Netball teams attended the Kent Netball Emerging Schools Competition at Rainham School for Girls, Rainham, Kent.
There was a morning round to divide the teams into two leagues Gold and Silver.
 Both teams did really and made it through to the afternoon rounds in the Gold league.
Games were tough and the Yr 7 won all of their game apart from the one draw.
This meant they won the competition.........
The Yr 8 did really well and finished 4 in their gold league.
Well done to the Yr 7...the best win in Netball for a long time.
Grace Moore, Emily Simmonds, Syrianne Diete-Spiff, Skitta Mugabi, Rowan Bulpit, Amber Langhorn, Maisy Tomlin and Ria Taylor
Thank You as well to Mrs Moore, for her support.

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