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Career Day 2019

Posted on: 25/06/2019

Twenty one businesses visited Bishop Justus Church of England School on Friday 5th July for a Careers Day to talk with our Year 11 students about career opportunities. Visitors from American Express, Barclays Bank PLC., Chrysalis Recruitment, Concordia, Google, Merrill Lynch, Bromley Dyslexia Assessment & Tuition, Metropolitan Police, Moorgate Chartered Accountants, OMD UK, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, The Society of Cosmetic Scientists, Virgin Holidays, Nichols & Co (Accountancy), Education Development Trust, Walker Construction, Tribe Payments/ Emerging Payments Association, LW Theatres, Iverbalise and Alumni Students all gathered to offer their expertise and advice.

We were honoured to have a key speaker in Sue Mordecai, Education Consultant/ Trustee of NACE, Chair of Aquinas Education Scrutiny Committee. Sue encouraged the students to study hard to better equip themselves for future jobs. She spurred our female students to study STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects. She emphasised that a career in STEM will not only redress the gender imbalance in these types of jobs but also offers much for girls with opportunities to shape our world and create job stability in an increasingly tech-focused marketplace.

The students who became Year 11 that week had recently completed pre public examinations and the Careers Day was a good way for them to start their career planning. Many of them are unaware of the career opportunities open to them and the event provided them with first-hand knowledge of potential career paths.

The first part of the day was spent in classroom coaching sessions where employers discussed CV’s, interview techniques and soft skills with the students.

Next the students took part in speed networking with the employers based on the speed dating concept. In our case, our main hall was set up for small groups of students to move around a carousel of employers for seven minutes and ask questions. When the time was up they moved to the next employer and so on. They interviewed the employers about skills, training and other related topics.

During this time, we also had walkabouts with Walker Construction who took groups of students on tours of the school’s building site to give them some insight into jobs within the construction.

A couple of alumni students from Surrey and Southampton universities were also present to motivate and inspire the students.

After lunch, the students spent the rest of day evaluating the various activities they had taken part in and wrote personal careers action plans.

Our careers programme begins in Year 7 and moves into Year 11 and the 6th Form with events such as the Year 11 Careers Day to help students focus on GCSEs and post 16 progression routes.

We encourage parents/carers who are employers or business volunteers to participate in Careers Days. If you are interested, or know someone who is, please contact us on 020 8315 8130 or email us at


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