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Reflections from Tanzania

Posted on: 16/07/2018

Trip Leader Ms Myles writes….

As we approach the end of our trip and the end of the school term, I wanted to share some news from Tanzania with you.

As you will be aware, our school fundraising focus this year has been Bishop Justus Secondary School Vocational Centre in Chemba and in particular, we have been supporting efforts to provide roofing for the buildings. As you can see from the picture below, the exciting news is that this has been accomplished! In a meeting with the Bishop at his house, he extended his special thanks to us and our school community for our support with this project.

This is a key project for the boys and girls in the village of Chemba and local villages as it will empower them and give them the opportunity to begin to sustain and develop the local community independently. There is still a long way to go and the second picture is one of the dormitories which will sleep four students, and each dormitory block will sleep 80 students with one bathroom and two toilets, so as you can see the school will be offering basic accommodation and facilities. However, witnessing the development over the last three years, I cannot help but feel emotional about what we are helping to achieve.

When expressing his thanks to the students in Tanzania, the Bishop explained to the students that by visiting and sharing in the daily life’s of the people of the village, the students themselves are an example of Jesus’ incarnation as they are sharing the life’s of the Tanzanians in the same way Jesus did when he was on earth.

Once again this year, we can be proud of what our students have achieved both in the UK and whilst in Tanzania and the brilliant ambassadors and example to others they are of a community who are really putting Christian beliefs into action.

Tanzania 2

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