Frequently asked questions

"The school has handled this year's Year 7 transition during Covid brilliantly. Our son felt fully ready and comfortable about starting."

-Year 7 Parent


  • How many places are there in Year 7?

This year's published admission number is 240.  


  • Does my family have to attend a Church to apply?

We welcome applications from all members of the community. However, if you are applying for a foundation place, then you will need to attend Church within the Beckenham, Bromley or Orpington Deanery. If you do not attend Church, you can apply via our Aquinas school category, or an open category. Please see our admissions page for more information.


  • What is the catchment area?

For 2020 admissions, the catchment area for the open places was 5.54 miles.


  • When was your last Ofsted and SIAMS inspections? 

Our most recent Ofsted inspection was January 2020, and our last SIAMS inspection was July 2017.


  • What were the school's results last year?

The GCSE results for the academic year 2019-2020 can be found on the school's exam results page.


  • How many subjects do Year 7 take? 

At Bishop Justus, Year 7 students take 16 subjects. Our curriculum page has more details on each subject. 


  • What extracurricular activities do Bishop Justus offer?

Our co-curricular page has information on the wide range of extracurricular activities, that we offer at Bishop Justus.


  • How much homework do students get each week?

Every lesson should set weekly homework, however it may be more often if it is assessment week.


  • What do you do to promote reading?

At Bishop Justus, we value the importance of reading. Every student carries a reading book with them, and they have opportunities to read during form-time, and during our termly Flash Read. 


  • How do you look after student wellbeing?

Student wellbeing is at the heart of Bishop Justus' ethos. We are fortunate to have Year Co Ordinators who are non-teachers, who are available to help and support students with their ongoing wellbeing both inside and outside of school. We have close links with Bromley Wellbeing, who often visit and run group sessions. We work closely with families and students to resolve any issues and support learning.


  • Where can I get more information about Bishop Justus' SEN Department?

More information can be found on the SEND page. Alternatively, you can email the school for more information at

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