Parent Testimonials

"The transition from a Primary to Secondary School can be a daunting prospect for both students and parents alike.  Therefore, once an offer is accepted, in the months and weeks leading up to the first day in Year 7, Bishop Justus makes every effort to ensure new students feel welcome, included and comfortable with their new environment. 


"As a parent member of the Aquinas Advisory Council (AAC), I am part of a small team supporting Mr Murphy and his leadership team.  Prior to taking on this role, like many parents during the rounds of Secondary School open day visits, I was immediately struck by the warm welcome we received at Bishop Justus, the polite, enthusiastic and proud students who took us on our tour and the wide range of possibilities for young people to achieve their potential.


My children have had very positive experiences of their introduction to Bishop Justus.  Individual staff make a considerable effort to educate and integrate all new students in the many aspects of life in school.  While their Year 6 peers hadn’t heard from their new school, my children had received a letter from the Head, knew who their Form teacher was and had met many of their classmates - all before the end of the summer holidays.  This was particularly important for my eldest son who was the only one from his Primary School.


This year, with the implications of extended periods away from school during Year 6, the committed staff at Bishop Justus seemed even more determined to make the transition effective and lessen any worries or concerns.  A website dedicated to Year 7 students was created and frequent video updates were added providing tours of the school and introductions.  Parents also had an opportunity to interact with teachers and staff during a video conference before students had their own call to speak to their Form tutor and classmates.


The caring, supportive nature of Bishop Justus is particularly evident in welcoming Year 7 students.  I encourage you to read the testimonials from parents on the positive experiences they and their children have had at Bishop Justus."

AAC member 


"My daughter absolutely loves Bishop Justus school, she has settled in far better than I had ever imagined. She’s made some lovely friends and the teachers are all kind and friendly. The biggest surprise for us is how much she enjoys maths, a subject she used to dread and cry so much over. She actually t looks forward to iand has said it is her favourite subject as the teacher makes it so much fun! I am so happy with Bishop Justus it’s a really great school."

- Year 7 Parent


"I have nothing but praise for the school, with 2 children attending I have watched them be taught by inspirational teachers, encouraged to take chances and to learn to be themselves. Strong leadership and heads of years that are proactive and provide clear communication helps parents to feel part of the Bishops community."

Year 8 & 10 Parent


"Mr Simon Murphy‘s speech on the open day we attended with our daughter had me already 90% sure this was the right school for my daughter. I liked the core values of the school as they are the same core values I would want my children to learn and what my husband and I have been trying to pass on as parents. Viewing the school and the curriculum available for students especially subjects in the many different platforms of art basically added the 10% towards me being 100% sure this was the right school for my daughter. I also liked the honesty of the 6th former who took us around the school. 
Also in Mr Simon Murphy’s speech he mentioned that they looked out for each student which to my surprise was validated by receiving a phone call from my daughter’s form tutor (Mr Kennedy) the second week into her first term in year 7 to check if my daughter was OK after a class chat where she was a little emotional about the subject. I thought that was very kind of Mr Kennedy to take the time outside school hours to call me.
My daughter has been coming home very excited about her day at Bishop Justus and eager to tell me about her day. 

One final thing I would like to say. The way Bishop Justus handled the lockdown by providing many webinars and zoom sessions with the children’s form teacher as well as most of the deputy heads was amazing. The sessions were not only for the children but parents too. By the time my daughter started in September we all felt confident in knowing the teachers and what was expected of us.Some of my daughters friends did not have the same preparation starting their new secondary school. So I am very grateful that Bishop Justus did an excellent job in that situation."

- Year 7 Parent


"My daughter was the only child to move to Bishop Justus from her primary school so my husband and I were a little anxious about her settling in and making new friends especially in the current climate. All the staff have been amazing and very aware of children who may not know anyone else. They ran their summer school program which was a huge benefit and my daughter loved it. It gave the year 7 pupils a chance to get used to the school in a fun environment and meet and be guided by the year 12 students. 
We had so much guidance and support including zoom sessions with their form tutor and class and videos to help us prepare. The safety and well-being of the children and staff is clearly priority whilst making sure the pupils are happy."

- Year 7 Parent


"Bishops has reignited a love of learning in my daughter from the first day she walked into the school.  The staff offer her both challenge and inspiration within a very supportive community environment, and as a result she is constantly thriving to be the best version of herself she can be, and wanting to give that little bit more to exceed the high expectations the school has of her. 

A particular mention should be given to the Challenge Program - devoting so much time and resources to stretch, challenge and loving learning for learning's sake is a particularly positive aspect of the school's offering to its students and I don't think the team shouts about it from the rooftops nearly as much as they should!"

Year 9 Parent


"My youngest son received great pastoral care when he was dealing with high levels of anxiety; 6 sessions with a counsellor on-site were arranged and helped enormously. 
The youngest also has a renewed enjoyment of English this year all thanks to Miss Pearson; also he chose History for GCSE thanks to the enthusiasm and energy of Mr Gayle (whom he sadly now doesn't have for the subject!!)
My middle son just left Bishop Justus after "A" levels.  He thoroughly enjoyed all his years at Bishop Justus and had a brilliant experience and very supportive teachers for Sixth Form.   Many thanks to Miss Joliffe, Mrs Parker, Miss Hossain, Mr Ramadan and Mr Peiris for that."

- Year 9 Parent


"My Year 10 son has flourished since starting Bishop Justus. He has grown in confidence both academically and personally. He is happy to attend school. He finds lessons engaging and Teachers inspiring. When it came to choosing a secondary school for my youngest son it was easy! He joined a couple of weeks ago and the transition (even in these difficult times) has been seamless. He has settled in, made friends and is enjoying a full timetable. My sons are happy boys at Bishop Justus and so that makes me a happy mum!" 

- Year 10 & 7 Parent


"We’ve been delighted how well our son has settled into secondary school. Despite the current restrictions he has really enjoyed his first few weeks. The school have given clear guidance and communication and we are extremely happy with the enthusiasm and happiness we have seen."

- Year 7 Parent


"Having your first child start in secondary school seems like a huge deal as a parent (though the children seemed more than ready!).  I have been incredibly impressed by the way that Bishop Justus has ensured a child-focussed transition from year 6 to year 7 given the restrictions upon them this year.  They have employed every means possible from weekly videos showing the school and facilities, to webinars for parents and students, to zoom calls with tutors, to summer school, to extended form time to help the children settle quickly and adjust to their new environment.  Staff have been friendly and approachable and plans have been well communicated in good time.  All of this has meant that my son has settled incredibly quickly and enjoyed his first few weeks, feeling independent and confident and enjoying his learning."

- Year 7 Parent


"I have children at Bishop Justus in years 12 and 8. I've been really happy with the care both of my girls have had at Bishop Justus, the pastoral care here is absolutely incredible, I don't think I've heard of another school who care as much as Bishop Justus. The teaching staff really go above and beyond to ensure the children are happy. One teacher, took my older daughter on an outing to her old University Cambridge with the thinking group, to show them what they could achieve! Another teacher has been such a wonderful mentor, ensuring every day, that things were OK, when my daughter had a few problems. Constantly nurturing, encouraging, and being a kind and caring listener.
 It's the best decision I ever made and I know from other parents, who didn't send their children to Bishop Justus, that they wished they had. I'm not especially religious, but in today's testing times, I care more about their mental well being that results and this is something that Bishop Justus focus on all the time. Having said that, my daughter was nurtured so wonderfully by the staff that she achieved fantastic GCSE results and has gone on to study Maths, History and English Literature A levels at Bishop Justus' 6th form."

- Year 8 & 12 Parent


"As parents we are more than happy with Bishop Justus. From Yr7 to present day we feel our daughter has had a great school experience & education. Throughout the strange period of Covid Lockdown, we couldn't praise the school enough for the virtual & online lessons. Mr Murphy & all the staff have been amazing & very approachable."

-Year 9 Parent


"Thank you for the pastoral care and attention to detail as our child’s new form tutor contacted us about a small concern in her first full week! The school has welcomed our child with open arms and she is learning so much so quickly whilst already feeling recognised as a valued member of the school community!"


- Year 7 Parent


"So pleased with Bishop Justus so far, my daughter is in Year 7 she has settled in really well and is throughly enjoying her time here. In these strange times (2020 Covid) the school have done a brilliant job in keeping to the guidelines and keeping the staff and children safe. Highly recommend Bishop Justus it is a shame you won’t be able to look around for yourself as we was very impressed when we did, so much so my daughter did not want to leave! (She especially enjoys lessons with Mr Gibs, Mr Healy, Mr Kirkwood, Mr Gale, Mr Gray and Miss Smyth.)"

-Year 7 Parent


"In what has been a very difficult year I am so impressed with the way Bishop Justus have taken the time to ensure the new comers into year 7 have been well prepared, informed and cared for. The communication between the school and parents is outstanding and I couldn’t have wished for a happier start to my daughters secondary school journey."

- Year 7 Parent


"When we visited Bishop Justus school for the year 7, open day, we were impressed by the warmth, kindness and drive of the staff and management team. We felt this would be a good school for our daughter to attend. That young girl is now in year 13 and has flourished throughout her education at Bishop. Everything we thought on that first visit has proved to be true, Bishop Justus is a great school."

Year 13 Parent 


"Our daughter enjoys going to Bishop Justus CoE School and feels safe here.

In our experience, both teaching and office staff are committed, kind, supportive and approachable.  

Our daughter especially enjoys Science lessons, which are clear and well organised.  Miss Hossain has been very supportive to her, and is very helpful in answering any queries we have.   

Teaching staff have been very helpful in providing our daughter with any work she has missed, for example due to instrument lessons at school; in particular Miss Trotman (English), Miss Hossain (Science), Mr Kirkwood (Science), and Mr Flore (Maths).   

In our opinion, the French Department is efficient and well run.  Our daughter enjoyed Miss Hayet's lessons last year which were clear and well organised.  She was also very helpful when we had any queries." 

- Year 9 Parent


"My daughter never really enjoyed school until she started at Bishop justus. It is a wonderful school that supports each pupil. My daughter is now happy to go to school and has a new found confidence and I can only thank the encouraging teachers for that. Looking forward to seeing the progress my daughter makes through her time here. Also the parent app works well and makes it very easy to keep on track with everything that's going on with your child/children."

- Year 7 Parent


"Excellent School with fantastic teachers Ms McNamara and Mrs Ayles have been amazing with my son since he started at Bishop Justus and have an excellent dedication to working with their students. It really shows that teachers at Bishop Justus care about all of aspects of the children’s lives at school." 

-Year 11 Parent


"Great school, if we have had issues in relation to our child it has been dealt with in a timely manner. The staff are always more than willing to go out of their way for parents."

-Year 9 Parent


"We have always been grateful for the dedication of the staff and their care. The experience of each of our three children has been excellent and two are now studying at university. We can’t recommend Bishop Justus highly enough."

-Year 13 Parent


"I have found Bishop Justus a wonderful supportive school. Two of my four children attended (one still in year 13). Nothing has ever been too much trouble. Any problems and they are dealt with immediately. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone." 

-Year 13 Parent


"My daughter had a very nervous start to secondary school, this became a big worry for us, but thanks to Mrs Hill and Mr Hadaway taking such good care of her she settled pretty quickly. The support they offered rapidly turned around my daughters transition into secondary to much more positive one."

-Year 7 Parent


"My son and my daughter both attend this school. I have been very happy with the way that they have been treated. If I have an issue I have contacted the relevant teachers, and they in return have replied and any problems have been sorted. My son's Latin teacher, bless her who is no longer with us, would always get in touch with me if my son was having problems with his lessons. All teachers are there to help, and will contact you if they know that your child has need of any extra help. I as a parent live the school from the first time I visited it. I know secendary school is very scary for some children, I know my daughter was not looking forward to it, but she has settled in, and is enjoying it." 

-Year 9 and 13 Parent


"Bishop Justus offers a caring and nurturing environment where pastoral care is at the core. The transition from Junior school was made easier through this with prompt responses from teachers to requests that were made. Children are given responsibility but also direction and encouragement to grow and the school environment seems happy."

-Year 8 and 10 Parent


"The amazing organisation and dedication from all staff alongside the support available to the students throughout the Covid-19 pandemic closure has been very much appreciated and I feel that my daughter's education hasn't been impaired in any way at all. Bishop Justus has been fantastic!"

- Year 9 Parent


"Both of our daughters have enjoyed attending Bishop Justus and as parents we have appreciated the Christian ethos of the school.  The teachers are hard working and dedicated - they really seem to know your child and be interested in them.  The 'summer school' was fantastic at helping our daughters make friends and become familiar with the school before starting Year 7 - it was fun and was a big factor in enabling them to settle in very quickly once they started.  The school has a family feel and is not so large that the students get lost in the crowd.  I would highly recommend this school to anyone seeking a Year 7 place for their child."

-Year 10 Parent


"All 3 of my children have gone through Bishop  Justus, my youngest is now in year 8,  I can not fault the pastoral support of the school, always there to help and advise you. All of my boys have enjoyed their time at the school and have done well with the support of kind and caring teachers."

-Year 8 and 12 Parent


"My son is in year 10, and I can honestly say he is thriving at Bishop Justus. He has some small extra needs and the school have been really supportive and gone that extra mile to help him. He loves going to school each day, I would highly recommend."

-Year 10 Parent


"My son has settled very well at Bishop Justus, I was very impressed with the way the school kept us updated with their health and safety and weekly videos to help my son prepare. I think summer camp is a brilliant idea, it helped him make friends so he was not to nervous on the first day."

-Year 7 Parent


Fantastic school and great communication with staff, my son is very happy

-Year 7 Parent


"My daughter has settled amazingly, I was nervous as she has anxiety but she has been made to feel comfortable and has made friend so well."


-Year 7 Parent


"The school have done amazing through covid. They really helped my daughter to settle in and feel comfortable during these difficult times"

-Year 7 Parent


"I was impressed with the pastoral care given to my son in order to to assist him to make the transition from primary to secondary school. The support team dealt with issues that my son was having and I would especially like to thank Mrs Piller who is currently the Year Coordinator for Year 9 who continues to care for my son's emotional well-being."

-Year 9 Parent


"I have a daughter in Year 10 who has settled very well into the school and also have a new year seven daughter who has so far settled well into school life at Bishop Justus. The school is very helpful when you have any questions or concerns and always go above and beyond to help you do what is best for your child."

-Year 7 and 10 Parent


"I have been very happy with the school for both of my children. The pastoral care is fantastic."

-Year 12 Parent 


"The school provides excellent pastoral support and are quick to notice and respond when children may be struggling with a problem.  There are several teachers who are particularly kind and helpful."

-Year 10 and 12 Parent


"The school have handled this years year 7 transition during Covid brilliantly. Our son felt fully ready and comfortable about starting." 

-Year 7 Parent


"I have had three children at Bishop Justus, one currently in Year 10 and two who have gone on to further studies. I have found the school to be very supportive and the staff have worked incredibly hard to provide a varied education which gave my children excellent options when leaving the school."

-Year 10 Parent


"My daughter has really enjoyed attending Bishop Justus and so stayed for the 6th form. She has been well supported and encouraged throughout her time at school, and we have been pleased with her progress. Teaching staff have communicated well with us, for example when homework has not been done or with pastoral issues."

-Year 13 Parent


"Congratulation for all staff, teachers, and members of school, because the students are happy and safe."

-Year 7 Parent


"The school has offered flexibility and adaption to allow my daughters health needs to be met during the school day . They have offered her additional well being support."

- Year 11 Parent

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