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Bishop Justus Church of England School is part of the Aquinas Church of England Education Trust (Aquinas). A charitable company Limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales under Company Number 07525735. Its registered office is at Bishop Justus Church of England School, Magpie Hall Lane, BR2 8HZ. The Trust can be contacted on 020 03 949 7000 or via the website (


The Aquinas central team includes:


Chief Executive Officer: Kathy Griffiths

Chief Financial Officer: Suthan Santhaguru

Trust Improvement Director: Ann McCarthy

Director of Human Resources: Janet Vick

Director of Estates and facilities: Glen Day

Director of Communication and Compliance: Mary Capon 



The following information for the Trust can be found on the Aquinas website (


1.       Memorandum and Articles of Association

2.       Master Funding Agreement

3.       Annual Accounts.

4.       Value for Money statement.

5.       Details of Members and Trustees.

6.       Details of the Pecuniary Interest of the Members, Trustees and members of the Aquinas Advisory Councils (AAC).

7.       Attendance at meetings of Trustees and the previous local governing bodies.

8.       Aquinas Health and Safety Policy.

9.       Aquinas Equality Policy, Single Equality Statement, Equality Objectives and Information

10.   Equality Objectives for the Trust and its academies

11.   Equality Information for the Trust and its academies

12.   Aquinas Charging and Remission Policy

13.   Aquinas Safeguarding Policy

14.   Aquinas Children Looked After Policy

15.   Aquinas Whistleblowing Policy


Supplemental Funding Agreement

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