Cloud 9 Lectures

Cloud 9 lectures2One of our strategies this year is for staff from each department to provide some top level lectures after school between September and April to really stretch our students

We have devised this programme of Cloud 9 Lectures to expand students’ knowledge in the subjects they are taking and improve their chances of reaching for top grades, as well as to broaden their general knowledge in subjects that they don’t – but that are interesting nonetheless.

Lectures are open to all, and we expect our most academic students to attend as many as they can - we’re even providing an incentive. In addition to the intellectual benefits, each time they attend, a student’s name goes into the draw for one of 3 Nando’s vouchers of dinner for two. So the more they go, the more chance they have of winning!

The lectures have been wonderful so far, with attendance regularly around the 100 mark, and they run through until the end of March. Please see the schedule for details of the forthcoming lectures.

Cloud 9 Lecture Series Schedule

Lecture 1 - English Tragic Genre

Lecture 3 - History of Surgery Lecture 4 - Literary Theory & Interpretation Lecture 5 - History of Greek Drama Lecture 6 - Maths Infinity

Lecture 7 - Languages

Lecture 8 - Music

Lecture 9 - Science

Lecture 11 - History

Lecture 13 - Vikings

Lecture 14 - RE Ethics Lecture 15 - Geography Lecture 16 - AI and Self Driving Cars

Lecture 17 - Introduction to oil painting

Cloud 9 lecture poster v3

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